Human Resources

UPDC aims to be the employer of choice for candidates from a wide range of backgrounds and experience. While your academic background or university grades are a pointer to your abilities, we go beyond this to learn more about you as an individual and what drives your passion. Perhaps a first class degree may signify diligence at the university, but it may not be a good test of a your team spirit or negotiation skills. We are looking for balanced and well rounded candidates. Most importantly, we are genuinely interested in each application and the individual behind it.

We seek to attract the best and those who aspire to become the best in their chosen fields. We offer several unique opportunities for career development and rewards. Therefore, if you are applying to join us, your ability to convince us that you have the drive to fit in here and to break out of any constraints must show through. Statements like “it can’t be done”, “no one has tried that before”, and “it’s impossible” are not part of our vocabulary here. Our entire history at updc has always been about beating the odds and setting the pace. We train our people to continue in this proud tradition.

The recruitment process is designed on purpose to be competitive so that at the end, only the best will rise to the top. We want candidates’ résumés and performance at interviews to speak for them. As professionals, candidates must recognize that from the moment they express an interest to join us, they are being assessed. Sometimes, without recognizing this, candidates may engage in unprofessional behaviour by making unsolicited contact through phone calls, emails or third parties with our staff and management. Normally, this may be enough to disqualify a candidate. The process is a fair one and if you are confident in your abilities, we urge you to let it run its course.

Our ideal candidates should not expect to come to updc to find all the solutions ready made to typical problems. Rather, we are looking for candidates that are willing to join us in discovering creative solutions. We recognize that work conditions may be less than perfect on certain occasions but we will provide you with the support you need to succeed in the tasks that we give you. Our people, and the kind of people we look for, realize that excuses do not cut it here

Together, your dreams and our dreams will be realised.